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School Improvement Council (SIC)

School SIC Membership

Elected Members:

Appointed Members:

Jennifer Corbi (Parent) Libby Egan (Community Member)
Brittany Giametta (Parent) Charlie Funderburk(Community Member)
Lisa Kennedy (Parent) Sue Gulasky (Community Member)
Amber Lunderville (Parent) Travis Mayo (Chair) (Community Member)
Brett Maksymik (Teacher)

Lori Yoder (Community Member)

Kelley Nugent (Teacher) Ex-0fficio Members:
Dolly O’Hara (Teacher) Tripp Hartley (Assistant Principal)
Bethany Prain (Teacher) Julia Lentini (PTO Rep)
Jordan Stanton (Parent) Lisa Lucas (Assistant Principal)
Tanya Trachtenberg (Parent) Brigitte Wagner (Principal)

Julie Wells (Teacher)





The School Improvement Council (SIC) serves as an advisory group to the administration of Tega Cay Elementary. Mandated by law, the group plays a crucial role in school improvement by bringing together teachers, parents and community as they collectively work to foster healthy relationships and promote student achievement. Each month the TCES School Improvement Council meetings to discuss topics consistent with Tega Cay Elementary School’s vision, mission and core values. SIC meeting topics in 2020-2021 relate to student achievement and school growth in the midst of world-wide pandemic. The topics oftentimes include discussions on school & district initiatives, the school budget, community impact and school accreditation; with emphasis on how to best utilize our resources for continued growth despite the Covid-19 era.

The 2021-2022 SIC will work to:

  • Provide input and feedback during the development of the school's five-year renewal (improvement) plan and annual updates.
  • Assist in implementation of school improvement programs and activities.
  • Monitor and report on progress toward improvement goals in the annual SIC Report to the parents and with the principal in the narrative to the SC School Report Card.
  • Provide other assistance as requested by the principal.

South Carolina Department of Education's SIC website.